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Allknives – Tips For Picking A Pocket Knife

What would you think if I told you that a pocket knife is one of the most useful tools known to humankind? Would you think it’s an exaggeration? For numerous years, they have helped us cut food, save people from burning vehicles, protect against offenses, hunt for dinner, slit open cartons and carry through innumerable other jobs—from the ordinary to the life transforming.

So Why Is Picking the Best Pocket Knife Damn Tough!?

So why is deciding the right pocket knife so bloody difficult? Since pocket knives have existed for a lot of centuries, they have evolved and branched out into a variety of fashions, leaving you with thousands of versions to pick from. Selections are a great thing, but they are able also to allow it to be overwhelming.

There are tanto blades, clip point blades, and drop-point blades, stainless steel blades and carbon steel blades, serrated blades and non-serrated blades, as well as Swiss Army knives with enough tools and fasteners,  to help your escape from a maximum security penitentiary. You can see a large variety of knives at

So, what is a knife fan to do?

Well, aside from purchasing every knife you see (not a bad idea if you’ve got the dough), the finest way of choosing the best pocket knife would be to understand a lot about them.

Selecting the Amount Of Blades

Now that you are totally confused to let us break down the differences between single-blade knives, multi-blade knives, and multi-tools.

Single-blade pocket knives come in many sizes and shapes, but their finest qualities are their simplicity and size. Unlike multi-blade pocket knives, single-blade folders focus exclusively on the layout of one bigger blade. These knives generally have locking mechanisms that produce them more powerful and tougher for more demanding work. They are able to also provide spring loaded opening mechanisms, letting them burst open at a second’s notice.

Naturally, the disadvantage of just one blade is its dearth of variety. These knives are perfect if you are buying a powerful all-purpose knife, but if you are needing a knife that can saw through wood in a minute you are out of luck.

Multi-blade pocket knives usually have two, 3 or 4 blades. Two-blade versions are generally quite conventional and feature a mix of spey, sheepsfoot, pencil or drop point blades.

Nevertheless, three or four-blade models provide you with the choice of having several blade kinds at your dispense. You never know when you will have to carve a piece of wood in one case and skin a fur-bearing animal in another. It is a tradeoff you will need to consider when determining which kind of knife to purchase.


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Swiss Army Knives & Multitools

Occasionally you will need a pocket knife with more than simply blades.

The Swiss Army knife was initially created to satisfy the requirement of soldiers in the field who’d have to perform several jobs just one blade could not consistently manage. Since that initial layout, Swiss Army knives and multi-tools generally speaking have just become more useful and trustworthy.

Now, these knives come in many sizes and shapes, ranging from three accessories on basic versions to the 87-tool “Giant Swiss Army knife,” which is made in 2006. Other multi-tools—such as Leathermans —pack the identical punch, though they are generally a bit more muscular to take.

Multi-tools are ideal for the jack of all trades who finds himself wanting a whole variety of tools within arm’s reach regularly.



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